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Chusin Setiadikara

Chusin Setiadikara
Chusin Setiadikara (1949- ; Bandung, West Java) studied painting at the Studio Rangga Gempol led by the artist barli Sasmitawinata (born in 1921) in Bandung. West Java Chusin’s paintings are creative fantasies full of harmony. His colorful works combine realistic figures of woman with motifs and symbols from traditional art. They often have deeper meanings due to the juxtaposition of contrasting elements. Exhibition: The National Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand, 1996).
  Title : Flight Of Fancy
  Artist : Chusin Setiadikara
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 80.5 x 65 cm
  Year : 1994

As a young woman daydreams in a fantasy garden, the birds in her skirt soar away into the sky. The sun shines in a golden sky filled with traditional Balinese cloud motifs. While decorative and romantic, the patterns and colors are very rich in this imaginative painting.

Gift of the artist