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Roger San Miguel

Roger San Miguel
Roger San Miguel (1941- ; Comarines Sur, Philippines) studied at the University of Santo Thomas in Manila, The Philippines. He is a frequent visitor to Bali and has created many works inspired by Balinese dancers, folklore, and families. His lyrical paintings of figures evoke a sense of peace and harmony. Multiple layers of colors are applied in subtle shapes as compositional elements, often with symbolic meaning as well. Exhibitions: Philippine Art Gallery (Manila, 1965), Art International Galleries (Beverly Hills, California), Pacific ScienceCentre for Strategic and International Studies (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1996).
  Title : A Midsummer’s Night Dream In Bali
  Artist : Roger San Miguel
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 144 x 171 cm
  Year : 1996

Inspired by the very popular Rajapala Balinese folk tale of the seven heavenly nymphs and the young man who marries one of them, the focus here is on sweet innocence instead. Rajapala is shown as a young boy playing a bamboo flute, as if accompanying the beautiful bathing maidens. He does not seem to be cencered with marriage. The nymphs frolic in a cool forest pond as the play with fireflies and scatter flowers. The layers of bright color lend a tanslucent, dream-like quality to this refreshing interpretation.

Gift of the artist