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Raden Ogeng Heru Supono

Raden Ogeng Heru Supono
Raden Ogeng Heru Supono (1937-1991; Surabay, East Java), better known as O.H Sopono, studied at the Akademi Kesenian (Art Academy) in Surakarta, Central Java. While he painted in different styles and themes during his career, he was most known for his works inspired by the carved wall reliefs of religious stories from ancient Hindu-Buddhist temples in Central Java. Collections: Balai Seni Rupa (Jakarta, Indonesia), Dewan Kesenian (Jakarta), Taman Fatahilah (Jakarta), Wisman Seni Nasional (Jakarta), Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan).
  Title : Temple Ceremony
  Artist : Raden Ogeng Heru Supono
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 96 x 91 cm
  Year : 1964

Some early cubist elements are evident in the background. A mountainous setting with trees and blue sky towers over a cluster of stylized figures (lower right) with parasols. They are on their way to a Balinese temple, indicated by a fragmented candi bentar (split gateway) decorated with colorful umbul-umbul(long, slender banners) for a ceremony.

Gift of C. van H. ten Ham (Malang, East Java)