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Putu Ngurah Wardana

Putu Ngurah Wardana
Putu Ngurah Wardhana (1933- ; Singaraja, Buleleng, Bali) studied in the arts and letters department of the Institut Keguruan Ilmu Pendidikan (IKIP, Teachers’ Training Cologe) in Madium, East Java. His unique style blends elements of Cubism and Surrealism with layers of images. Since 1973 he has helped to select artworks for the Taman Budaya Art Center in Denpasar, Bali. From 1979-1987 he headed the selection commite for art exhibitions during the annual Bali Arts Festival held in Denpasar. Award : Dharma Kusuma (Bali). Exhibitions (Tokyo, 1967), Taman Ismail Marzuki (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1972), Indonesia America Association (Jakarta 1973), World Presidents Organization (Wasingthon, D.C., U.S.A., 1992), Singapore Art Museum (1994), Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival (Morioka, Tokyo, 1997).
  Title : Cattle Boys
  Artist : Putu Ngurah Wardana
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 142 x 142 cm
  Year : 1991
In these multiple layers of overlapping images, young cowherders, older men and cattle, and distant fields and mountains evoke the timeless spirit and internal life of the land of Bali. It is very idyllic and fertile in imagery, cool and fresh in color. The painting praises and romanticizes the simple lives of Balinese farmers from the past to the present and hopefully into the future.