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Popo Iskandar

Popo Iskandar
Popo Iskandar (1927- ; Garut, West Java) studied at the Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB, Bandung Institute of Technology) in West Java. His bold, graphic works usually feature stylized animal forms with bright colors. He also is a writer and art critic. Award: Piagam Anugerah Seni (Indonesia, 1980), Exhibitions: Gate Foundation (Amsterdam, Holland, 1993).
  Title : Tiger Barong
  Artist : Popo Iskandar
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 94 x 120 cm
  Year : 1977
In Bali a barong is a protective spirit usually in the form of an animal mask and body animated by two dancers, one for the head and the other for the tail end. The tiger face here is fanged and wide-eyed to frighten away evil. While the overall color scheme is rather dark and frightening, highlights of yellow around the face glow and show some sort of power emanating from this protective and respected creature. The painting is very graphic, strong, and expressive.