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Ong Kim-Seng

Ong Kim-Seng
Ong, Kim-Seng, (1945- ; Singapore), is a traveling artists. His watercolor paintings show scenes from all over the world. He is head of the Singapore Watercolour Society and also is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society. Collections: National Museum Art Gallery (Singapore), Hawk Gallery (Oregon, U.S.A.), Maritime Museum (Singapore), De Wall Collection (Stantpoort, Holland), Foret Noir Gallery (Tokyo, Japan). Exhibitions: Asian Art Gallery (Singapore, 1979), Picture-Show Gallery (Sydney, Australia), Balmoral Galleries (Melbourne, Australia).
  Title : Farmhouse
  Artist : Ong Kim-Seng
  Media : Watercolor on paper
  Size : 38 x 56 cm
  Year : 1993

An angkul-angkul (house gate)is a common feature of Balinese domestic architecture. It is a covered doorway that stands higher than the surrounding walls of a household compound. As a result, the living quarters usually are not visible from the outside and thus maintains family privacy. The brightly lit white-washed gate contrasts with the colorful background and sky.

Gift of Dr Tommy T.B Koh and the National Arts Council of Singapore.