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Kay It Tanaya

Kay It Tanaya
Kay It Tanaya (1938-1977; Tabanan, Bali), better known as Kay It, created many new variations on traditiona Balinese forms by transforming them into modern symbols and retaining their essential characters. A self-taught artist, his use of line, color, and design transformed ordinary abjects and figures into delightful works of art. Kay It was a very versatile artist who created paintings with textured surfaces, terracota figures, and batiks with a fresh and naive spontaneity.Exhibitions: Hawksburn Arts Workshop (Melbourne, Autralia, 1973), Solander Gallery (Canberra, Autralia, 1974), Galeri Santi (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1995).
  Title : Two Girls
  Artist : Kay It Tanaya
  Media : Acrylic on paper
  Size : 70 x 62 cm
  Year : 1976
The simple forms and strong lines of the stylized figures are reinforced by the limited colors in this graphic work. Their facial expressions are intense and each girl looks in a defferent direction with her large, dark eyes. the closeness of their bodies are a single form and unites them together, however.