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Jeremiah Elizalde Navarro

Jeremiah Elizalde Navarro
Jeremiah ElizaldeNavarro (1924-1999; Manila, Philippines), better known as Jerry Navaro, studied at the Universityof Santo Thomas in Manila, the Philippines, and later at the Art Students League in New York City, U.S.A. In 1969 he taught at the National Art Ahcool in Sydney, Australia. Navarro first visited Bali in 1989 and has been inspired by the dynamic dances of the island. Navarro recently became a naturalized American citizen. He is a extremely versatile artist and works in many different media. His bright paintings are dominated by primary colors and range in style from abstract to expressionism. Colropolitan Museum (manila, The Philippines). Exhibitions: Philippine Art Gallery (Manila, 1955), Metropolitan Museum (Manila, 1995-1996), Centre for Strategic and International Studies (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1996).
  Title : Gabor Pendet Dance
  Artist : Jeremiah Elizalde Navarro
  Media : Acrylic on canvas
  Size : 139 x 86 cm
  Year : 1991

During Balinese temple festivals, some of the women who are present may perform spontaneous dances of devotion while carrying offerings or other ritual objects. Known colectively as gabor or pendet, these devotional dances are done in honor of the visiting deities. Bright colors and strong brush strokes evoke the vibrant, dynamic dance movements and the festive atmosphere of a religious celebration in Bali.

Gift of the artist