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Ida Bagus Taman

Ida Bagus Taman
Ida Bagus Taman (1943 – 2000; Ubud Gianyar, Bali) first learned wayang (puppet) style painting from the Ubud artist, Ida Bagus Anom (1898 – 1972). Taman’s works have most of the typical elements of perspective, light and shadow, and rendition of figures associated with the Ubud style of painting which he had learned from the artists I Wayan Lantur and I Ketut Jojol. Collection : Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan), Singapore Art Museum. Exhibitions : Balinese Art Festival (Tokyo, Japan, 1986), Singapore Art Museum (1994).
  Title : Busting Village
  Artist : Ida Bagus Taman
  Media : Acrylic on canvas
  Size : 60 x 40 cm
  Year : 1979
A rather romanticized view of village life with Western style aesthetics shows some typical activities in Bali. Several menexercise their fighting cocks to keep them in shape. Behind them a woman carries a bundle of traditional Balinese rice on the stalks which others thresh and dehusk the grains by using long wooden pestles. A woman nearby delouses another’s hair as youth charms her with his flute playing. In the background in front of a pura (temple) with its towering meru (pagoda), a group of young boys practice the rhythmic chants and movements of the kecak dance. Other children come running over to join the group.