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Ida Bagus Rai

Ida Bagus Rai
Ida Bagus Rai (1933- Padangtegal, Gianyar, Bali) (Ida Bagus Rai Yadnya) is deeply familiar with Balinese culture. His complex works are filled with references from literature, religion, and philosophy, He studied from Rudolf Bonnet (Dutch, 1895-1978) and gives more human-like forms to mythological figures. Rai’s works are full of fantastic foliage. He has a fine sense of shading and color. Collection : Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam, Holland). Exhibitions: East West Center (Honolulu, Hawaii, 1998), Singapore Art Museum (1994), Center for Strategic and International Studies (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1996).
  Title : The Pandawas In Disguise
  Artist : Ida Bagus Rai
  Media : Acrylic On Canvas
  Size : 139 x 128 cm
  Year : 1972
In the Wanaparwa (Book of the Forest) of the Hindu Mahabharata epic, the noble Pandawa brothers Nakula, Sahadewa, Bhima, Yudisthira, and Arjuna (left to right) and their common wife Drupadi are exiled into the forest for thirteen years by their evil Korawa cousins. The final year must be spent in disguise; if discovered, then the exile is repeated. The Pandawas repeated. The Pandawas prepare themselves by hiding their garments and weapons in a tree.