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I Wayan Bendi

I Wayan Bendi
I wayan Bendi (1950, Batuan, Gianyar, Bali) learned painting from his father, I Wayan Taweng. The worlds of traditional life and modern tourism humorously blend together in his works which are completely filled with fantastic scenes of Balinese life.One of his paintings was enlarged into a huge tile mural at the FukuokaArt Museum in Japan.Collection : Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan). Exhibitions : Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan, 1985), Festival of Indonesia (U.S.A., 1990-1992), World Presidents Organization (Washington, D.C., U.S.A, 1992), Gate Foundation (Amsterdam, Holland, 1993), Singapore Art Museum (1994), Museum Nasional (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1995), The Asia Society Galleries (New York, U.S.A 1996), Centre for Strategic and International Studies (Jakarta, 1996), Indonesia – Japan Friendship Festival (Morioka, Tokyo, 1997), ASEAN masterworks (Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1997-1998).
  Title : The War of Independence
  Artist : I Wayan Bendi
  Media : Acrylic on paper
  Size : 53 x 75 cm
  Year : 1986
Gift of Rudana Fine Art Gallery (Peliatan, Bali).
At the end of World War II in Asia and the Pacific, Indonesia declared its independence in1945. The Dutch tried to reclaim their colony and split the archipelago between the Nationalists in Java and Sumatra, and the pro-Dutch State of East Indonesia which included Bali and islands to the east. A warraged for nearly four years until the United Nations, Americans, British and Australians forced the Dutch to withdraw in 1949. Life goes on in This imaginative work as Balinese try to shoot down a Dutch plane. Armed with daggers they flight Dutch soldiers as cameramen record the struggle.