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I Nyoman Darsana

I Nyoman Darsana
I Nyoman Darsana (1939 – Peliatan, Gianyar, Bali) began painting in 1956 under I Wayan Tohjiwa. His Ubud style works have a large figures and decorative foliage. Exhibitions : Singer Museum (Laren, Holland, 1975), Kunstzaal Zuid (Rotterdam, Holland 1976), Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan, 1985), Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival (Morioka, Tokyo, 1997).
  Title : Rich Woman, Poor Women, and The Deer
  Artist : I Nyoman Darsana
  Media : Acrylic on canvas
  Size : 100 x 60 cm
  Year : 1976
A Balinese folktale tells of a selfish rich woman who refuses to help her poor but goodhearted neighbor. One day while searching for food in the forest, the poor woman meets a deer who tells her to reach into its anus to find great wealth. She does so without hesitation and withdraws valuable treasures. The rich woman gets, jealous, searches for the deer, and follows the same directions. She only pulls out excrement instead and soon loses all her wealth. Her once poor neighbor helps the unfortunate woman, thus teaching her a valuable lesson in sharing.