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I Made Wianta

I Made Wianta
I Made Wianta (1949- ; Apuan, Tabanan, Bali) studied at the Sekilah Seni Rupa Indonesia (SSRI, Indonesian School of Fine Art) in Denpasar, and at the Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia (ASRI, Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts),in Yogyakarta central Java. His geometric-abstractionism style paintings are characterized by symbols and forms with multiple meanings. They are covered with countless fine dots of pure color. In 1970 Wianta helped to establish the Sanggar Dewata Indonesia (Superior Indonesian Art Studio) for contemporary art. Exhibitions : Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan, 1985), Festival of Indonesia (U.S.A., 1990-1992), gate Foundation (Amsterdam, Holland, 1993), Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival (Morioka, Tokyo, 1997).
  Title : Ancient Creatures
  Artist : I Made Wianta
  Media : Acrylic and ink on canvas
  Size : 34 x 40 cm
  Year : 1981 – Gift of I Nyoman Purpa, Purpa Gallery Ubud
With fine lines and dark colors, an ancient world of fantasy is evoked. In a cloud-like mist, strange anthropomorphic beings and faces either emerge from or descend into a blocklike structure composed of equally bizarre animals and body parts. Is this a kind of Pandora’s Box being opened, releasing a swarm of primitive creatures? The sombre colors also add to the mysterious mood.