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I Made Surita

I Made Surita
I Made Surita (1951- ;Payangan, Gianyar, Bali) studied art at Sekolah Seni Rupa Indonesia (SSRI, Indonesian School of Fine Art) in Denpasar, Bali. He is a member of the Sanggar Kamboja (Frangipani Studio) group of Balinese artists. His naive style is derived from wayang (puppet) paintings. Surita also is an arts reporter for the Bali Post daily newspaper. Collections: Singapore Art Museum. Exhibitions : Singapore Art Museum (1994), Museum Nasional (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1995).
  Title : Arriving At The Temple
  Artist : I Made Surita
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 92 x 102 cm
  Year : 1990 – gift of Arie Smit (Bali)
In a view through the trees of a forest, a woman arrives with a banten (offering) carried respecfully on her head. Another woman holds a tedung (parasol), a sign of honor and respect. A dokar (horse-drawn cart) brings more people to a Balinese Hindu-Buddhist pura (temple) in the background where a ceremony is taking place. Pavilions are filled with offerings, and slender umbul-umbul (banners) soar up into the sky.