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I Made Budi

I Made Budi
I Made Budi (1932- ; Batuan Gianyar, Bali), in addition to being a painter, also is carver, musician, and dancer. He usually combines traditional themes from Balinese religion and mythology with contemporary images of reality on the island. Budi first popularized the idea of showing tourists in his works. Award : Dharma Kusuma (Bali, 1982). Collection : (Honolulu, Hawaii). Exhibitions : The Contemporary art Center (Honolulu, Hawaii, 1978), East-West Center (Honolulu, 1998). Festival of Indonesia (U.S.A., 1990-1992), Museum Nasional (Jakarta, Indonesia 1995).
  Title : Flying Kites
  Artist : I Made Budi
  Media : Acrylic and ink on paper
  Size : 40 x 60 cm
  Year : 1986
Kite flying in a popular pastime among the young and old in Bali during the dry season months from July to September when strong winds are blowing. Tho most popular shape for kites is called babean, (like a fish), from the word be (fish). Village children sometimes improvise kites with large dried leaves; a boy here flies a heart-shaped leaf while seated on a cow. A small group of tourists with their cameras photograph the lively scene while a pair of government officials calmly look on. Trees bend in the strong breezes, and clouds in the sky appear windswept.