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I Ketut Tagen

I Ketut Tagen
I Ketut Tagen (1946- Penestanan, Gianyar, Bali) is an outstandin painter whose graphic works show great strength and excellent use of color. His composition are bold and intense. He leaves his figures without facial fatures which is unique to his paintings. Tagen instead focuses on their postures to show a sense of liveliness and movement. Exhibitons : Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco, California, 1964), Smithsonian Institution Young Artists Touring Exhibitions : (U.S.A., 1964-1965), National Museum (Singapore, 1970-1971), Alpha Gallery (Singapore, 1972, 1974), Balai Seni Lukis Negara (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1983-1984), Singapore Art Museum (1994), Museum Nasional (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1995), Indonesia-Japan Friendship Festival (Morioka, Tokyo, 1997).
  Title : Procession
  Artist : I Ketut Tagen
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 63 x 126 cm
  Year : 1987
Processions are a normal feature of almost every Balinese ceremony. Gilded tedung agung (large parasols), long streaming umbul-umbul (banners), loud gamelan (percussion ensemble) music, and colorful banten (offerings) are carried by whorshippers while they escort sacred figures of the deities from one temple to another, or to the seacoast, river, or holy spring for purification rites. Pratima (holy images) and other artifacts are placed in jampana(small houselike structures) carried on the shoulders of men. In this lively work heavenly nymphs hover in the sky. The faceless figures appear in the works of several Young Artists.Colors in this painting appear more intense due to the flat, black background.