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Agus Djaya

Agus Djaya
Agus Djaya (1913-1994; Banten, West Java) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, Holland. He helped establish the Persatuan Ahli – Ahli Gambar Indonesia (Persagi, Union of Indonesia Artists). His paintings are strong portrayals of common people and their simple lives shown in warm, earthy colors. Exhibitions: Museum Nasional (Jakarta, Indonesia), Stedelijk Museum (Schiedam, Holland, 1977), Sao Paulo Museum (Brazil), Galerie Barbison (Paris France), International Art Gallery (Sidney, Australia).
  Title : Drinking Palm Beer
  Artist : Agus Djaya
  Media : Oil on canvas
  Size : 102 x 150 cm
  Year : 1964
A popular pastime among Balinese men is drinking tuak (fermented palm flower nectar). The beer-like beverage is brewed in large earthenwere jars. It is traditionally drunk from a ceret (bamboo tube with a spout); the drinker tilts back his head, raises the vessel, and tilts it to so that a thin stream of liquid flows out into his open mouth. Men often form sekaha tuak (drinking clubs) which meet regularly for social events. Drunkenness is common, and the earthy colors and village setting adds to this feeling of warmth.